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Blossoming Friendship
As they sat down in front of me chatting and giggling, I instantly felt the bond and companionship between Big Sister Kristin and Little Sister Paige. Before the two were matched, Big Sister Kristin heard about the program through a friend who had already been involved. Kristin began the interview process and awaited the Little Sister who would be an integral part of her life over the next five years.
When the two were matched in April of 2011, they were both filled with nerves. “She was only 12 so I didn’t know what to expect,” Kristin said, “I was really nervous.” After they broke the ice at a candy store for their first outing, their friendship blossomed. Big Sister Kristin and Little Sister Paige began spending time together every week doing things real sisters do; cooking, going to movies, and attending family events together! “The annual harvest party at Kristin’s parents’ house is one of my favorite things to do,” Paige recalls with a smile. When reflecting on some of their most memorable times together, Big Sister Kristin reminded Little Sister Paige of the time they went to a waterpark at French Lake. They immediately started laughing and sharing inside jokes with each other from the trip.
Over time, Paige’s older sister saw her relationship with Kristin grow, and she too wanted a Big of her own. Paige’s older sister got matched with her Big Sister and joined in on the fun with Kristin and Paige. The four of them love to spend time together whenever possible. One of their favorite memories between the four of them is attending Disney on Ice together. They are even going to a
Demi Lovato concert in August, which was Kristin’s Christmas present to her Little Sister.
It seems as though Big Sister Kristin has been a consistent and reliable person for Little Sister Paige to lean on. Having attended every graduation and significant moment in Paige’s life for the past five years, Kristin is a true sister to Paige. “I got a new sister out of this,” Paige says with a smile. Kristin agreed, “I have 6 brothers, so I had no idea what to expect through this, but now I have a sister.” The two are so close that Big Sister Kristin asked Paige to be in her wedding two years ago.
When reflecting on the changes seen in each other over the last half decade, Big Sister Kristin says, “I’ve seen so many changes in Paige. She’s so much stronger in all regards, she’s capable of doing anything and sticking up for herself. Not only that, but I have benefited greatly from my relationship with Paige.” As an incoming senior in high school, Paige hopes to be one of the first in her family to graduate from high school, with help and support from her Big Sister. “She’s a really big part of my life,” Little Sister Paige says, “I’m so grateful for her.”

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